Love Cakes

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It's a heart-shaped world ... at least for a day :)

Make your world a little heart shaped with a Merry Dairy Love Cake! Made with love in four delicious flavours. Get them inscribed with your own message, or simply just with the word "Love" :)

Serves 4-6. Or two, romantically, more than once.

Mascarpone Alone - Made with lots of super-rich Italian mascarpone cream cheese, this delicate, divinely textured ice cream, is a flavour that stands alone, and yet, comes with a just a hint of cherry and rests on a brown butter brownie base. To serve drizzle with some honey, or drape with fresh berries. (GF/SF) 

Butterscotch Brownie & Chocolate - Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got love in my tummy. Gluten-free butterscotch brownie ice cream, on a brown butter brownie base is combined with our signature chocolate to bring together two loves in perfect harmony. (GF) SOLD OUT

Ginger & Chocolate - Fancy something a little more spicy and adventurous. Ginger ice cream, made from fresh and candied ginger paired with chocolate, makes a lovely cake that understands that opposites attract!  On a brown brownie base (Ready Fri Feb 10) (GF/SF) SOLD OUT

Vegan Love - Love can just be a beautiful friendship, and this cake brings together friends vegan chocolate oreo to vegan strawberry coconut, and bonds their friendship with a layer of fresh strawberry jam, grounding it with a graham cracker crumb base  (V/SF)

Gluten-free Vegan Love - Sometimes less is more. A vegan strawberry-coconut Love Cake with a vegan, gluten-free graham cracker base, focuses the love, and proves that indeed, love also can be freed. (V/GF/SF)

And Gluten-free Passionate Vegan Love! - It's passion - passionfruit to be specific with hibiscus flowers to bring a fruity, delicate, and wonderful taste. But wait, that's just one layer of the love. Strawberry Coconut makes an appearance showing that different flavours can love and support each other. (V/GF/SF)

Choose your cake! 😊

Price: $25.00

Note: Cakes can be picked up same day! If the date pickup option doesn't show just call 613-680-3144 after placing your order. Custom Cakes require 48 hours notice.