Loot Bag Cards!

Loot Bag Cards!


Hosting a birthday party or other celebration for your child? Want a fun way to say thank you to your partygoers? Get a loot bag card to add that special something as you wave all the kids back out the door! Offered in a series of denominations from kids cone all to the way double scoop, these postcard-sized cards can be customized as well with a photo, birthday party theme, or any other favourite thing!

Also great as a Halloween treat!

Choose the product you'd like, and then from your cart choose the number of cards. Each card is postcard-sized and printed front and back with a fun designed customized by age, party theme, type of event, photo etc.

Once your order is received, we will reach out to you via email to confirm customizing details.

Pease allow for at least 48 hours for preparation and delivery!

Cards can also be delivered to you as part of a minimum $40 delivery order. 

All cards can be redeemed anytime at 102 Fairmont or a Merry Dairy truck by the card holder for dairy or vegan options. 

Prices do not include HST