Love Cakes & Only Hearts


Sometimes your heart's for someone and sometimes your heart is your own.

Wherever your heart resides, this Valentines Day, choose from cakes that serve a single soul - Only Hearts, or ones that delight many hearts - Love Cakes. 

Serves one, serves two, serves three, serves four or more ... here's how

Looking to add a Valentines Card to your order? Get lovely heart cards by local artists Becky Conrad or Maria Connell or any of our cards by local artists!

For pickup or free home delivery (with min $50 order)

Love Cakes (serves up to 8):

A big ol' Strawberry Heart - Our famous strawberry ice cream, surrounded by loving chocolate buttercream rosettes, nestled on a brownie base (GF)

A big ol' vegan Strawberry Heart - Strawberry coconut ice cream, bordered with a ring of vegan whip rosettes, nestled on a vegan brownie base. (V/GF)

Only Hearts (serves one, two or three, & maybe even four!):

Ginger - Ginger makes the heart grow fonder, and this ginger ice cream Only Hearts cake, is our original recipe ginger ice cream, on a brownie base, with an Only Heart resting on top. (GF)

Vegan Mexican Hot Chocolate - Whether you're spicing it up on your own, or there's a a special spicy reason for the season, Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream, with its merry blend of cinnamon, chili, and cayenne, brings all the love to this Only Heart. On a vegan/gluten-free brownie base  (V/GF)

Vegan Nanaimo - Could Nanaimo be the loveliest spot for an Only Heart? The Nanaimo Only Heart Cake, brings all the love of Nanaimo We deconstructed the Nanaimo Bar with its chocolate cookie coconut base, and dark chocolate ganache top layer. But this one is nut-free!   (V) (contains gluten)

Romeo & Juliet - A star-crossed flavour is born? Well, not born, but brought to us from Brazil by one of our team members who grew up with this flavour combination, where Romeo & Juliet is a rich, yet humble, combination of guava and fresh cheese - like the rich Capulets and humble Montagues themselves, the families of Romeo and Juliet. And you can love this combination like a Capulet, enjoying the rich interplay of exotic guava and hoity-toity mascarpone cheese, or love it like a Montague, appreciating the craftsmanship and care put into every scoop. Either way, this star crossed flavour celebrates love, without all the feudin'. All on a ground Gluten free waffle base 

All love and only hearts cakes contain trace amounts of soy lecithin, present in chocolate.