Pies for the Holidays!

Presenting the Dark Chocolate Meringue Pie made with our signature dark chocolate ice cream, nestled into an oreo fudge crust topped with our homemade meringue, and sprinkled with shaved dark chocolate. Contains Creme de Cocoa 
Serves 6. Or 8. Or fewer if people want seconds.
Pies contain trace amounts of soy lecithin.
The Peppermint Hot Cocoa Pie is made with layers of our signature Peppermint Crackle and Hot Cocoa ice creams, nestled into a chocolate oreo crust topped with homemade whipped cream and sprinkled with chocolate shavings and candy cane pieces.
The Vegan Chocolate Orange Pie is made with chocolate orange ice cream with fresh orange zest mixed in, sitting on a vegan gluten-free graham base topped with a vegan whip, orange peels, and chocolate shavings!