Custom Mini Cakes

Custom Mini Cakes

from $12.00

Looking for a cake for ye-self? Or one for you and your partner, spouse or pal?

Mini Cakes are the answer! Serving up to 2 people.

Create your own Mini Cake masterpiece:

  • Select your ice cream flavour
  • Select your base
  • Select up to 2 toppings

Please place your order at least 4 business days to create your custom cake.

Some mini-cakes contain trace amounts of soy lecithin, present in chocolate.

Design your custom cake! 🎂

Price: $12.00

4" - Serves 1-2 (we won't tell if you don't share)

Need a bigger cake? Check out our Custom Cakes.

Choose your cake base

Select up to 2 toppings

(Max 5 characters - note that cake writing is done using store made chocolate dairy or vegan whip)

(Max 20 characters)

Need candles for birthday wishes…we've got them!
Vegan, parafin-free. Box of 12.
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Let us know about any special requests or instructions

Note: Custom Cakes require 4 days lead time. For in-stock cakes see our Handmade Ice cream Cakes or call 613-680-3144.