Ice Cream for Breakfast in a box!

Ice Cream for Breakfast in a box!

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STILL OPEN: ORDER "A LA CARTE" ice cream for breakfast with pints, waffles and toppings at

If good things come in threes, then it's a good day to make Ice Cream for Breakfast an icy breeze with an Ice Cream for Breakfast Box!

Choose three pints from the list of flavours below. Then choose three packs of waffles (they come in packs of two). Then choose three toppings. And as a bonus - choose your complimentary Terry or Tony Trash Panda Patch!

From there, we pack it all into a handy and dandy breakfast box that you can pick up or have delivered to your door. On top of that, ordering the breakfast box saves you a wee bit of dough!

With dairy, vegan and gluten-free choices!

Looking to get a smaller amount of pints, waffles and toppings? Then order a la carte at!

Build your perfect breakfast! 🎂

Price: $55.00
+ add another pint

Includes 6 fresh waffles. Select how many of each type of waffle you want.
Extra waffles: $5 for 2 waffles.

Pick 3 toppings!
Extra toppings $3 each.

1 trash panda patch included!
Extra trash panda patches $5 each.

Tony patch
Terry patch

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