Great Scoops!


Published by Figure 1 Publishing in Vancouver, BC. Printed in Canada.

Ice cream really does make everything better.

Compiled with love by the team at The Merry Dairy, Great Scoops: Recipes from a Neighbourhood Ice Cream Shop features a cheerful collection of 80 easy, custard-style, and vegan ice creams and delectable desserts.

From hibiscus & passion fruit and bourbon black cherry to triple chocolate and caramel popcorn, this exciting new cookbook also includes recipes for signature sauces, toppings, and baked goods (say hello to chocolate chip cookies and meringue kisses).

Best of all, the ice creams are nut-free, sesame-free, (and some even gluten-free). What can we say? This is good mood food at its best.

And for those who are new to ice cream making, have no fear: the book includes a chapter covering everything there is to know about making both dairy and vegan ice creams and frozen desserts at home.

Great Scoops is a captivating cookbook about artisanal ice cream, the people who craft it, and the community that is such a part of it. The delightful selection of classic and whimsical flavors reminds us that delicious homemade ice creams can be made year-round and, more importantly, that you’re never too old (and it’s never too cold) to enjoy a heartfelt scoop. 

Or order it from any local bookstore using this incredibly nifty website. Or get it from Indigo, or for delivery to friends and family! Also available for US delivery on, or wherever Merry Dairy ice cream is sold, like Thyme & Again!

by Marlene Haley (Author), Amelia Ryan (Author) with Anne DesBrisay