Ice Cream Pies!

!Choose from:


Pumpkin Caramel Pie - our pumpkin spice ice cream with swirls of our slated caramel sauce and then topped with whipped cream and spiced pepitas! Also available with a GF crust.

Trash Panda Pie - Chocolate-covered pretzels, Oreo cookies, raspberry, and malted fudge swirls, and an Oreo fudge crust. It's a  pie that all your critters will love!

Ube - What is Ube - it's a beautiful purple yam.  Ube makes a wonderful, purple, nutty ice cream flavour. This pie has an oreo fudge crust and is topped with a toasted marshmallow meringue! 


Caramel Apple - This gluten-free pie holds its own in any county fair pie contest with its fresh apple and cinnamon compote and our house-made vegan caramel in our premium vegan base, topped with a cinnamon brown sugar coconut whip.

Chocolate Chai - Start with an Oreo fudge pie crust, add a thick layer of vegan hot fudge, and then creamy chai ice cream. Topped with coconut whipped cream, this is a most comforting combination!

Ube Macapuno - The wonderful taste of Ube combined with macapuno aka coconut strips in a delightfully decorated ice cream pie topped with toasted vegan marshmallows. Oreo fudge crust too!

Serves up to 8.