Woodland Wonderland Yule Log

Woodland Wonderland Yule Log

from $45.00


Twas the Christmas of Distance
And all through the shop
All the creatures were masking
And six feet apart
When together they made
Yule Logs of all flavours
whether of dairy or plant-based you favour
It's a Woodland Wonderland
with Gingerbread,  Dark Chocolate, and Peppermint Crackle
These naturally made treats serve small circles of fun
Or even make a great gift for that very special one
Whether to pick up on Fairmont on the date of your choosing
Or deliver to any Ottawa home as a substitute for schmoozing
This year bring love closer even when being apart
And make this year special right from the heart
Pre-order your Yule Log  
they're ready December 5th
But order them now, 'ere they sell out forthwith!


 (serves 8 generously or 10 for calorie counters)

Customize your cake

Price: $45.00
Need it sooner? Call to check what's in our cooler!