The Orange Dreamsicle Cake

from $48.00

Imagine a dreamland of orange. Where fresh-squeezed orange juice blends into a delicious ice cream base, and then is paired, creamsicle-style with vanilla ice cream, resting on a sponge cake base, crowned with whipped cream blended with a wee dram of Tang orbiting the curls of fresh orange zest. Put it all together, and it's an Orange Dreamsicle Cake. Made in a small batch, and for a limited time only.

Serving 6-10, it's as delicious as the memory of that orange creamsicle on that hot summer day after an afternoon of bike riding, playing ball, or just hanging around.

Shovel off the winter blues with an Orange Dreamsicle. 

Serves 6-10. Available for pickup or delivery anywhere in Ottawa.

Choose your cake! 😊

Price: $48.00

Note: Cakes can be picked up same day! If the date pickup option doesn't show just call 613-680-3144 after placing your order. Custom Cakes require 48 hours notice.