Big Honkin' Radler Sorbet (V/SF)

Big Honkin' Radler Sorbet (V/SF)


It's been a hard day's flight for the Canada Goose, flapping and fretting all day about their spring return to their Ottawa homes. All they want after a long voyage is to enjoy a refreshing treat, a pick-me-up, honking at all who stand in their way.

Enter the Radler. A drink that takes its name from the German word for cyclist, and first concocted as a way to refresh the cyclist after a long day of riding Alpine mountains and valleys, with its mix of citrus and fresh-made beer.

In honour of all who crave refreshment, Big Honkin' Radler is The Merry Dairy's newest flavour - big grapefruit flavour, a honkin' amount of beer, freshing-ly churned into a delicious, energizing, plant-based sorbet.

Available beginning Wednesday, March 31, when it will also available for scoops at The Merry Dairy's takeaway window.

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Honk away, oh geese that ride.

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Price: $9.00
Note: Big Honkin' Radler pints are available for pickup/delivery beginning March 31, 2021.