An Ottawa welcome fundraiser


 Orders for this fundraiser are now closed! Thank you for your support and see you at Playfair Park on Sat Jul 16 6-8pm!

An Ottawa family of four is preparing to welcome a young family of six who is fleeing Ukraine. This family has lost everything and is arriving in Canada in early June with a single backpack. We are fundraising to help ensure their food and other basic needs are met, and to help eventually transition them into a place of their own, while they take time to learn English and settle in. Thank you for your support.

How does the fundraiser work?

The first part consists of a portion of each product sold from this custom store supports this family settling in Ottawa. Credit processing and other financial fees are being waived, so 100% of all top-up contributions will go to the family in need.

The second part of this fundraiser consists of the donation of a portion of each cone sold during the Merry Dairy truck's visit on July 16th. To participate in this part of the fundraiser, you can just show up at the park and buy ice cream cones directly from the truck. No pre-ordering necessary for this part.

Please read the steps below for instructions on how to contribute by buying a product sold from the custom store.

First! Pick your ice cream pints from the dropdown list above. You can choose dairy and vegan (non-dairy) flavours! All ice cream pint orders from the Welcome to Ottawa online store will include a souvenir label! To pick more ice cream pints or add a contribution ($5-50), click your back button in the cart or click on the Welcome to Ottawa text to return to the Welcome online store. Don't forget to select store or truck pickup or home delivery from the dropdown menu before checking out! All ice cream pints and copies of Great Scoops chosen from the Welcome to Ottawa fundraising store mean more funds raised for this family!

Second! Want to add other items from The Merry Dairy not on the fundraising list? Click "home" in your cart menu to see the full selection of other products that can be added to your order.

Third! Choose your pick-up or delivery option! You can also send a gift order to a friend at checkout using any of these options below!

Once you've selected your Welcome to Ottawa and any other Merry Dairy products, choose one of the three pickup or delivery options:

a) pick up any day at your convenience at 102 Fairmont Avenue - choose "store pickup" at checkout The Merry Dairy is open noon-8pm Tue-Sun!

b) home delivery anywhere in Ottawa (minimum $40 order) - choose "delivery" at checkout. The Merry Dairy delivers between 3 and 7pm Wed-Sat to any address in Ottawa!

c) pickup at on Playfair Drive on July 16 from 6-7:30pm from The Merry Dairy Truck and enjoy a cone while you're there! Choose "Truck Pickup" at checkout

Don't forget to select store pickup, home delivery or truck pickup from the dropdown menu before checking out!

Note: The Merry Dairy is closed Mondays


* If you want to add additional products from The Merry Dairy! Simply click on the home button above or visit The Merry Dairy shop here and then check out as per above!

** Can't decide what flavours to choose? Like surprises? Pick surprise me and let us do the choosing from among the flavours listed above, or possibly even from a flavour not listed!

Orders close July 14!

V - Vegan, GF - Gluten-free, SF - Soy Free